As a teenager I started with fitness training and tried some martial arts. In the fitness area I was mainly interested in health-oriented training, as I got to know it in the physiotherapy practice of my mother.

After I had trained kickboxing for a few years, I wanted "more" and then travelled to Mahasarakham in the north-east of Thailand to live and train with professional fighters for a few months. There I learned Muay Thai from scratch like the Thais.

After that I travelled regularly to Thailand for training and did teacher training and in connection with that also some competitions. I am also trained in Thai healing massage (Nuat). During this time I wrote my first books, gave personal training, managed a martial arts club and the martial arts trade "Thaisport". In the fitness and self-defence area I have trained myself further.

After finishing my business studies I wanted to dedicate myself completely to fighting, but I was seriously injured in a training accident and during the operation I got a bone infection which lasted for more than a year, so that I could not participate in competitions anymore. During this time I wrote more books.

After that I continued my studies of Muay Thai, because I think you can never learn enough as a trainer. I also did a lot of fitness training which enabled me to do some fitness shootings. After that I managed a Muay Thai gym in Thailand for some time.

I wrote and produced the Muay Thai series about techniques and training, in which some of the best Thai athletes and trainers participated - a very important project for me. My books have been published in several languages and a total of over 250,000 copies of my more than 50 sports books have been sold so far.

As a personal coach I offer training in Muay Thai, fitness and self-defense and and write books on these topics. I have also produced online training and apps and more are in preparation. I also continue my education in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, in self-defense systems like Krav Maga as well as in fitness - because training and teaching are my great passions.

As a young sportsman at shadow boxing in Bangkok, as part of a competition preparation.

In my mid 30s and still intensely in training.

Punching bag training 25 years after my first training trip to Thailand. Everything a bit slower, but still motivated :-)