Muay Thai (Thai-Boxing) · FITNESS · Self defense

I offer personal training for Muay Thai, Fitness and Self defense. I am happy to be available to everyone in these training areas. Age and physical condition are not decisive for the training - the training will be adapted to personal needs and requirements. Motivation for the training is what matters to me.

I am often in Thailand and therefore not always available for a training. If you are interested, you can contact me using the contact form.

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Muay Thai (Thai-Boxing)

  • Muay Thai training like Thai athletes, for many years on site
  • Trainer licenses in Muay Thai and Muay Boran
  • successful competition experience in Thailand
  • former director of Surat Muay Thai Gym (in the south of Thailand)
  • internationally successful books, apps, DVDs, online courses

You can train Muay Thai to develop self-confidence, for self-protection, as a fitness sport and/or to participate in competitions.


  • learned many years in the physiotherapy practice of my mother Anne Delp
  • Personal trainer for 25 years
  • Trainer of professional Thai boxers and fitness models
  • Fitness shootings as presenter and organizer
  • Author of over 20 fitness books

I have been giving personal training for many years and write fitness books on topics like dumbbell training, bodyweight training, mobility and medicine ball. You can train with me functionally in the mentioned areas with the goal of body shaping and fitness development. A significant weight reduction is also possible with training and adapted nutrition, if that is your goal.

Self defense

  • Start with self-defence training over 30 years ago
  • Self-defence coach for 25 years
  • Trained in Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Muay Boran among others
  • Author of „Wehr Dich“ (Riva, 2016), „Selbstverteidigung für jeden Kerl“ (Pietsch, 2019), „Selbstverteidigung verständlich gemacht“ (Copress, 1995)

Self-protection/self-defence is an extensive topic and no emergency situation can be planned and foreseen. You can train your attention, as well as fighting behaviour and instincts to increase your probability in an emergency. However, no trainer can provide complete security.

We can pick out some techniques that are suitable for you and train them. If you are afraid of certain recurring situations, we can look for solutions together.